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Both of my children already love to shop online – – – but HATE to wait for the goodies to arrive.   ‘Mind you they are 12 and 7.   And so with that in mind they have been nagging and nagging me —-> “when will our shoes (Supras- apparently a must have) be here, Mom!!!??? Todayyyyyyy???!!! Huh, huhhhhh???”


They arrived today.   My 7 year old… GIRL… will totally dig these ridiculous high tops, of which she chose on her own, left the page and “full cart” ready and open for me on the Mac….  so I refused to argue.  She is a bit of a trend setter herself 🙂

Just a guess, but I doubt that I will see gold and silver Supras on any other 7 year olds in the First Grade for goodness sake.  Momma says “Go Get ’em Girlfriend”!