About “Red”…


Red hair, hot Red peppers, gorgeous Red stargazer lilies, a nice cold irish-Red beer… though a short list displayed, each one could be used to describe me and what I love.

I am a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Teacher, Coach… and the list goes on.
Photography has become my passion – it moves me. It is full of surprises and wonder, tenderness and misery.  This blog is a place to showcase my creativity, spend time daily with my Canon in hand… and highlight the “project 365” experience.

Life is a journey – the greatest adventure of all. Take pleasure in the day to day & have a good look around. There is so much to see!

 Follow along with me as I capture what I see, the people I meet, the places I travel

… as seen by Red.

Contact: Michele@asseenbyred.com

To see more of Red’s images visit http://asseenbyred.smugmug.com/

See something that you simply must have?… just stop into The Artisan’s Gallery in Middleburgh, NY or The Apple Barrel in Schoharie, NY where prints of my work are featured and available for purchase.

3 thoughts on “About “Red”…”

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    You have some amazing photographs here. You are so right… Life is an incredible journey and the only way to travel it is with eyes and heart wide open.

    I wish you all happiness on your journey.

    Veronica Marie

  2. I came here to read your “about” after being all taken with your little red pick up snap yesterday and find that you are at smugmug. I just googled smugmug last week because I was looking for an alternative to the photo storage/edit site I am using now. I was a bit overwhelmed. Now I will be able to learn about it through looking at your link. I was meant to find your blog.. 🙂 You inspire me. I have been in a funk picture takin’ wise, maybe I will get clicking again. Your photos are beautiful!

    We don’t mind a little Irish-Red beer around our place either, although I am a wine time gal.

    Pix.. 🙂 Yep that’s my name. Seriously.

    • Thanks, Pix 🙂
      I’m happy you enjoy my view – and ramblings…. hehe
      SmugMug has been great for me – I used it for quite a few months before upgrading to the Pro account. So far I’ve had nothing but a good experience with them and their printing companies. Good Luck in your search – give ’em a try…. and get clicking again!

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